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The Plattsburgh City Beach's 2023 season opens on Friday, May 26 and runs to Monday, September 4. Seasonal permits for the 2023 beach season are available now. Residents of the City or Town of Plattsburgh can qualify for a free seasonal beach permit by providing proof of residency. 

Permits for Plattsburgh's downtown area are available for purchase at any time.

  • You must REGISTER in order to purchase a permit.
  • Once you register, check your email for the verification link.
  • PERMITS ARE NOT VALID UNTIL PAYMENT IS MADE. For those City and Town of Plattsburgh residents applying for a free season beach permit, your permit is not valid until you have received email verification that your permit is active.  
  • When purchasing a permit, be sure to continue to Checkout to finalize your permit application and submit payment. 
  • If purchasing a Downtown Lot Permit, each submitted application will be reviewed by City Staff. Upon approval of the application, the applicant will receive an email requesting that payment be made via the portal. 
  • During the Margaret St. construction project, Downtown Lot Permit holders may continue to park in all eligible lots and are not subject to the two (2) hour time limits instituted in certain lots.
  • If you are a City or Town of Plattsburgh resident applying for a free seasonal beach permit, a maximum of two (2) permits per household will be issued and you must upload with your application as proof of residency:
    • A signed, current lease at an address within either the City or the Town of Plattsburgh listing the applicant's name as a tenant; or
    • A utility bill in the applicant's name at an address within either the City or the Town of Plattsburgh and dated no earlier than three (3) months prior to the application date.
  • All permits are virtual and are linked to your vehicle's license plate number.  Physical permits will not be provided, and purchasers are not required to display evidence of permit purchase within their vehicles.  Your license plate number is your permit.
  • When entering your plate number, please use only upper case letters and do not include any spaces between the letters/numbers.
  • The purchase of each permit shall be accompanied by a gateway fee charged to the customer at the time of purchase. The gateway fee will be $3.50 or 3% of the permit purchase price, whichever, is higher. Free seasonal beach permits issued to City or Town of Plattsburgh residents are not subject to payment of gateway fees.
  • Permit Application Instructions  

Posted Date : 09/13/2023